Wednesday, 28 November 2012

WLP products

 Here some of the products available at our Pop Up...

Bed Beroe Italian shoes (38) / Guy Laroche bag (sold)
Lindén boots. Made in Finland. Size 40.

Vintage blouse made in Finland (very little black dots on the pattern ) - 40. Burlesque Tsunami Necklace.
Vintage Pauli Friman leather bag. Made in Finland. Dark brown with optional straps.
By Vaatehuone. Made in Finland. Leather skirt (38). - RESERVED.
Robert Haik Paris/New York. 100% Silk shirt. (36)
Eila Helén skirt. Made in Finland. 100% wool. (38)
Finnish Vintage dress. (unknown designer). Fine cotton. We guess a size 40.
Wool + cotton mix Hat. Unknown designer.
Atelie Sirkka Klemola college shirt. Big 38.
New Burlesque Tsunami hat.

Burlesque Tsunami Miu hat.

Here it is our "Emergency shoot"! 
Funny story... as you might guess... camera didn't work.. phone had to do it! 
I am so glad for all the lightning options available now that we have the darkest month in the year! 

We hope to see you there! 

Many thanks for the Hub! Couldn't do it without you! 

Ps.  For reservations, contact us on facebook or gmail. 

Monday, 26 November 2012

Design Market

 Poola Kataryna.
Always wonderful design and prints by Poola Kataryna.
Her plywood work, with jewelry and the prettiest hanger, is, with no doubt, a must have.
Find her at OWN and Design Forum Shop.
My shirt.
My hanger.

MOIMOI Barcelona.
What to say of this super cute and talented Spanish designer, now settled in Helsinki.
You can find her beautiful, Portuguese wooden shoes and accessories at OWN Shop.

PUNAVUOREN  PUTIIKKI is your destination if you are looking for high end, vintage inspired and controversial lingerie. All garments made of the finest materials.
By Tyra Therman.

HALDIN. Yes, we love you!
You find her beautiful garments also at OWN.

All the beautiful graphics just go up your head sometimes, right?!
HANKALA  by Petra Hankaniemi. (at OWN).

My o My
The one place in Helsinki for the ones after anything but average!
Thank you for the lovely costumer service.
Henrik Vibskov, Tsumori Chisato and many other wonders.
Set design wise, this place had a truly gorgeous set up over there. The use of minimalist white stone was beautiful and just brought out the best of their lovely products. 
Unfortunately they didn't have this beautiful Mila shoes on my size.

Wooden and Mila shoes by Terhi Pölkki. At Acolyth.
The most welcoming and talented! Impeccable design!
Your presence was as captivating as your products! 


Here we are, at LOKAL.
I went back and forth to this table just about a zillion times. I am such a weak when it comes to all this precious little interior details. 
Result - that's, mostly, where I left my pennies.
And if you wont visit them for the lovely things and artist's exhibitions they offer,
then do it for the very, very great coffee! 

We visited at Design Market on the 17.11.
It was a way more laid back and warm happening than I was actually expecting.
I was very surprised and impressed by how open, inviting and kind, most of the exhibitors where to our request on picturing their products.
As a great admirer of Scandinavian, and specially our Finish design  I felt anxious on visiting some of my favorites at their stands.
Their sympathy only fed my feeling of supporting their fabulous work.
One just must love the whole ideal of products that have been developed under such conscious values and ethics.
The place where the event was held, VANHA, the old student house, only helped on framing the whole concept.
 We hope for another, anytime soon. 


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ihana Uhana!

This is first collection from Uhana Design.
UD is Tampere based label that makes clothing and accessories.They have cool prints and knits , good cuts and and lovely wooden jewelry. All products are made in Finland.

Behind UD are two girls who went same same school with me in Hämeenlinna couple of years ago.
I have been following UD´s fb page for a while now and waited when I can see the pictures from their collection.Today they finally revealed pictures and of course I had to do post  about it.I happily noticed that another friend from the same school is modelling in the pictures and she looks gorgeous!

Good work Mira and Hanna and good luck with business!

Photography / Jaakko Kahilaniemi