Friday, 24 August 2012

Custom made from Brazil

Custom made and Environmentally developed handcrafted shoes from Brazil. MUTTA SHOES

It funny but if I didn't know, and someone would tell me it's Finnish design, I would believe it! There is something very Scandinavian about this Sneakers's design all though some of the models carry a very statemental prints, their design is very simple in itself. And the concept behind it is so appealing, the development is generated very closely with the client, making a shoe that will translate a personality. A perfect match! If I may say!

Words from the designer - "
Mutta is an independent project of crafted footwear founded in 2010, created by the designer Matheus Simões Pires Costa of Porto Alegre, Brazil.
The idea of creating Mutta grew out of the difficulty of finding custom models with superior quality.
Mutta Footwear is created in a series of workshops by experienced artisans.
Mutta's creations are focused on quality, originality and uniqueness,  “Something classic and crafted with an experimental feel” as Matheus describes.

Mutta's clients belong to a group of creative minds seeking the same goals and ideals as the brand. Mutta is not afraid to try. It promotes a change on the way the user relates to its footwear. The creation is made intertwined with the customer, generating an innovative result.
“It was a natural process. Once I was the one making it, I was able to give people the opportunity of changing the final outcome and that made they want it even more, not only because of the product, because of this involvement on its development”
Products are seen as something completely distant, immutable. Mutta's proposal is exactly the opposite, it seeks the approximation.

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