Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Greetings from NEW YORK!

Photography by Charles de Vaivre
Photography by Charles de Vaivre
WLP has had the pleasure to receive a greeting letter from one of our product's designer straight from the rooftops of New York city! 
Satu Repola, from project Laepsy, now living in NY, tells us a little about LAEPSY ideal and concept, besides, together with partner Marika Ollikka, giving us the pleasure of having some samples of their beautiful sandals in our Pop-up. 

Here you can read the whole letter sent by the designer: 
Summer has finally arrived in full force to New York City! We welcome the warmth after a long and drab winter.

You just can't beat the spending the summer in the City. New York shows the best it has to offer - rooftops are open, Central Park is full of concerts and people enjoying nice picnics. The variety of
terraces, bars with outdoor seating and markets are par to none right now, not to mention the street festivals which start to take over different parts of the city. There is no better place to live right now!

As exiting as it is for me to live in this beautiful and scorching summer city, it is also a very exiting time for Laepsy, a new accessories design company that we started together with Marika Ollikka. I met at Marika at school where we both were studying accessories design and always joked about an idea of kicking off an accessories business together. Well, after a fun summer night out in the Sinebrychoff park in Helsinki, we decided to make the jokes and talking a reality and actually launch our company.

As so happens, we got our first commercial products out this spring. Words can’t express how excited we are about this. As for the name of the company, for those of you who understand Finnish, Laepsy makes sense, as our main products are flip-flops - which in casual Finnish are called “läpsy”. And for those of you who don't understand our weird language: congrats, you just learned your first word!

Our products match the founders’ lifestyle and lend from both homes of the company - Finland and New York. Many of the ideas for the designs come from New York fashion and are brought to life by the head designer Marika Ollikka. All of our products are handmade, designed and produced in Finland - which is something we are very proud of. We use Finnish reindeer leather, which is a nice and soft material for flip-flops. It sounds like a bizarre combination, but trust me - you’re feet will love it.

We wanted our first model “Fleet Week” to look summery, fresh and fashionable - with a color palette of navy blue, white and gold. After all, the sandals gets their name after the week in late May when the navy boys take over NYC and make us girls giddy in their sharp uniforms.

We really hope you like our products as much as we like making them.
You can get yourself a pair “Fleet Weeks” at WLP Pop-up shop in IsoRoba 10, 30/06/2012.


  1. As an admirer of Ollikka's "M.E.O." flip-flops, enthusiastically looking forward to see the new Laepsy products!! Love the sailor theme!

  2. Yes... we are exited to show them! And sure... Sailor theme is super! This girls rock! :D