Friday, 15 June 2012

Whole Lotta Shoes
Photo and Styling by Daniela Talvitie
Photo and styling by Daniela Talvitie.
Photo and styling by Daniela Talvitie.

Shoes shoes shoes... What would be of us humans without them.... specially us ladies who often tend to have even a little shoe addiction!

I am myself, daughter of one of biggest "shoe junkie" I've ever met... so Yes... I am particularly familiar with the whole subject to say the least...  The woman, my mother, owns a library of over 150 pairs well kept and catalogued in boxes - Something, somewhere between a dream and a nightmare, believe me, specially if you want to borrow them!

But anyway, this is the time to talk about one of our favorite shoes in Finland, and their designer, of course.
We are talking about bright young Finnish designer Emmi Malmström! She is a "soon to be" graduated student from HAMK - Wetterhoff school in Finland and has, in the 3 school years already managed great accomplishments.

She has won The K.E.N.K.Ä 2010, national shoe design competition held by shoe company Andiamo (collection that she designed while her first year as a mother) and Andiamo has produced a whole collection called Andiamo by Emmi. She designed also a beautiful and playful pair of children's shoes for RAWR charity auction and is currently working on IRON HIGH project together with  Jesse Sipola
The designer seems to show a bit of a retro tendency on many of her works but still has managed to come up with designs which are impressively modern and fashion forward.

I guess It's no wonder her shoes have been featuring on many of Finland's most popular women magazines like Elle, Anna, Kotivinkki and Kauneus&Terveys. Another thing I happen to love about her is the way she names her shoes... it's so intimate and gives you the feeling of acquiring something truly special and unique. I have slipped my foot in a pair and must say they felt even better than they looked!

You can check all of her work in her on blog Emmi-Malmström. 
*check also full interview with the designer here .

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  1. Great... Loving your blog. Thanks so much for sharing all this with us :)

    1. Thank you for being so sweet :)It´s always nice to hear that somebody like our posts.