Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vintage... Retro... Antique, What's the difference after all?!


Here is Whole Lotta Art for you! All photos by illustrator Judit García-Talavera. 

*Judit García-Talavera is an illustrator who's work is an amazing modern take on a Vintage-inspired design. Worth checking all about her!

Hello everyone! 

After serious while considering what should be our first post, I just got little tired of thinking and decided to post about the subject that's been in the back of my head for a long while (probably not only mine). 
"The difference between vintage, retro and antique"

I have actually, nearly 2 years ago, done some research on the subject, to help my little sister on her final thesis and found out that it can be quite a polemic inquiry. Some people can be very, particular, let's put it like that, about their opinions. During my research I just thought it was quite funny to see all people's reactions when you ask them about it. Some of them were very "strict" to say the least. 
Like one of her teachers, when asked, went completely furious and all red cause we pointed out a 70's dress as a vintage. After that we had to listen to a 30min speech on decade qualification.
But here we come with a few ideas on the matter and obviously, not the absolute true, as opinions diverge quite much.

Antiques - Are to say, works of art, and according to the various customs laws, must have been made at least 100 years ago.  Not any later! An Antique, is an Antique! 

Vintage - Here comes the biggest problems surrounding this matter. The most strict believers say a product should be at least 50 years old to go under the category of "Vintage".
But the most accepted age is, at the current moment, 20 years. So YES, we can all go home happy, pull on our beautiful 80's whatever and go around proudly calling it a Vintage. I just wonder why is it all this obsession with fitting a product under a certain category?!
But that's another question, or another post, haha.
Retro - Well, I guess we all know what's left under that category. Whatever isn't yet "Vintage" or whatever product designed at a current age but under a "Vintage inspiration" - A trendy behavior on design field for a long time now. But we like it, Yes!

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