Monday, 30 July 2012

Bit of Make and hair!

Tiia kosonen make up for Globe hope. Photo By Nina Merikallio.
Tiia kosonen make up for We are Helsinki. Photo by Miika Saksi.
Years later...
Again, we have been still enjoying our holidays because weathers decided to give us some proper sun and heat, finally! It´s been very lovely over here.

Here is few photos from the work of Make up artist Tiia Kosonen. We were so super lucky to have her doing the make up for our WLP photoshoot. Tiia is originally from north of Finland, living for years now in Helsinki. Besides being an amazing Make up artist, working for many important names in Finland like Globe hope, Kasitvå ,We are helsinki and currently for MAC, Tiia is also an incredible cook, specialized in vegetarian kitchen. She has her own kitchen and she also produces Seitan.
Shame we don't have more pics from her great work, but we post as soon as we do! Promisse.

Make up by Tiia Kosonen
Hair by Teija Hirsimäki and Riina Salmi.
WLP photos by Lela Louhio.

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