Monday, 16 July 2012

Cheering up a rainy day!

People enjoying the terrace.
Customers are coming through...
Ihanat Moiklubi girls playing some cool tunes.
Happy new owners of Burlesque Tsunami pipos.
This Summer, great tropical heat weaves have been only in our dreams but let´s keep dreaming people of Helsinki - Dreams can really come true.
Hot burning summer is right around the corner!

It's currently raining in Helsinki and weather is a little boring and grey. I bet you are probably waiting for something interesting to happen as are we. But while that great party invitation or promisse of +30 degrees don't come,  we got a whole lotta new interesting pictures from our pop-up event sent today from Argentina.

Our friend Carolina Monserrat, and her boyfriend, both from Argentina, visited Helsinki to enjoy Finnish design and architecture during the very same weekend of our Pop up. Lucky for us, Carolina had time to visit our event during their museum touring and had her camera with her. She shot some nice pictures at Bar isoroba 10 and of course we wanted to share some of these pearls with  you.

Enjoy, drink some nice cup of tea and feel cozy while rain falls . Hopefully the sun is going to shine very soon and we can wear our cutest summer clothes and accessories again and feel "easy easy" on a warm summer breeze.

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