Monday, 24 September 2012


The event this year, was great! In size and quality.
Habitare this year has truly surprised us with the best of what Finnish design has to offer in every sense. Interior, novelties, ecological solutions, art, antique, seminars... You name it!
It was marvelous to see all we have to offer, combined into a beautiful and very well planed and organized event!

I am definitely craving for the next already!

Vepsäläinen/Deko stand.
Johanna Gullichsen's gorgeous fabrics
Tuttupuuseppä - Wooden furnitures.
Amazing Secto Lamps.
Work by award winner, textile designer Elina Helenius

A new addition to the event this year, was the "TIMELINE". An exhibition of most popular Finnish designs displayed by decade.

Some chairs...


Trash design...

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