Tuesday, 2 October 2012


This is a post by the Mama in me... (pretty much a 99% of the whole "me" thing...)

I am, in fact, a complete sucker for cool children stuff... I just can't help myself when they just look all cute in all this "hipster" looking clothes.
But this special label Mini & Maximus is on the very top of my "favourite" list.
Besides the clothes, I love all the concept behind the brand and specially the way they style their campaigns. There is always this cute Rock'n roll rebel feeling to it. And always with great artists, well known or up and coming artists developing inspiring prints and quotes to the tees! And every collection they pick art done by the little ones to be on their t-shirts too AND they are Eco friendly ... how cool is that?!

And for the adults, they got a pretty amazing selection of prints in their webshop.

And a confession, Godmother + Mother + Creditcard today alone in the house...
One can only wonder!

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