Friday, 7 September 2012

COMPANY Secrets Of Russia

Secrets Of Russia kiosk in KIASMA
Mushroom bag

Head bag
Akorn bag
Babushka Dedushka cups
Church bells
Rhytmical Ice Creams
Matryoska Valenki boots
Polar Bear boots.

Chicken or the Egg matryoshka set

Today I went to KIASMA museum of contemporary art to check out Camouflage exhibition.  I was very interested about it becouse the theme of the exhibition was the dialogue between contemporary art and design. 
During my tour in Camouflage I found myself inside a fascinating space. There was COMPANY´s Secrets Of Russia Kiosk! Designers themselfs were sitting inside the kiosk and tell museum visitors about their products or should I say art. 
Secrets Of Russia products are mixture of Slavic idea of beauty with aesthetic definitions of Skandinavian good taste.Products are made in collaboration with russian professionals near Ural Mountains.

I fell in love with groovy accessories. One of the wooden bags is going to be mine hopefully very soon.

All photos by COMPANY.

Secrets of Russia
In 2011 Aamu Song and Johan Olin set on a journey to explore Russian manufacturing secrets. The travels in Russia resulted in collaboration with six traditional manufacturers. After visiting each factory, and getting to know their manufacturing secrets, we designed new products based on their tradition. A collection of new traditional items ’Secrets of Russia’ was born.

The project will be exhibited in KIASMA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki) in ’Camouflage’ exhibitionon 15.06.–07.10.2012.

All designs: COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin)

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