Monday, 12 November 2012

A little piece of Berlin in Helsinki

OMANIMI showroom is a workspace for members of the NIMI collective. This new art gallery has open it´s doors here in my neighbourhood ; Punavuori, Helsinki.

OMANIMI underground art showroom has been now open couple of weeks and I´ts worth of visiting. Gallery opened the showroom with an exhibition of Pallo , a Finnish street artist hailing from Turku. There is also one wall full of NIMI collectives works from 17 different underground artists. Wall looks very nice I have to say.

Gallery´s address is Albertinkatu 22, very same space used to be before Gilles et dada ´s shop so it´s easy to find. OMANIMI also sells nice t-shirts with NIMI Collectives artists prints.

I also decided to put very first video link in Whole Lotta Pearls- Blog history! This video is about OMANIMI  making awesome painting to restaurant Suola. I just love it. Wow.

All photos : WLP

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  1. This is so absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to go check it out!
    Thank you for finding and sharing it!