Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Burlesque on the go!

A whole new look to our Burlesque Tsunami.

Our boys at Fashionrue blog.

Our notorious hats are just about everywhere. And how cool is that right?!
Well, I am not surprise as these are probably the best "headwear" you can find at the moment! I wear mine with just about everything, from sneakers and jeans to very high heels and girly dresses!

And now the brand gets a whole new look and immediate notoriety when our boys ( yes, it's not an illusion, neither photoshop miracle, they do come in a pair!) photo got featured on wonderful FASHIONRUE blog.

The comando hats come in several different versions at the moment like Miu (cat eyes) and Cowabunga (Turtles eyes).

Check all about the brand and designs on the website, Burlesque Tsunami and facebook page.U can also order one to yourself trough WLP facebook page.


  1. Interesting choice for a hat but it does look good on you so that's nice. Honestly, for me it's kind of hard to find the perfect headwear, you really have to pick one that suits your headshape and face as well which is very tough.

  2. Yes finding a perfect hat is a challenge+ add winter in Finland and hat need to be also warm as well.

  3. Love the pics and the hat <3!! I have one already :))))